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bad product copycat82, the plagiarist Ph.D. (& copycat83, the paper associated with that), have been only nicknames. Now, as a change of strategy, let's push copycat83 under the spotlights. The sense of the new strategy is the popular motto "There is no bad advertisement, but there may be bad products."

anti-plagiarism, anti-witchcraft

Let's think. If you wrote something wrong, but your editor publishes that. No warning. Would you like that? Nodding you. But his/her acquiscing, may hurt you.

Likewise, while getting out to a gathering that you are going the first time, if you took the most awkward costume out of your wardrobe, but nobody warns you about what is the style/rule where you go. (That is, not informing you at all, not that they think you knowingly override the rule.) Is that truly lovely? As a result, you seem foolish when you go there.

The plagiarist is doing that bad thing to himself/herself. Short-circuiting to the reward, getting the nods, having only fooled other people seems enough, initially.

Witchcraft is the same, if that is used to manipulate the jury [through mind-control], to get a grade. You may have fooled the jury, but the worthlessness of your work, is obvious to people who may re-evaluate your "work," in the future.

That is a point that the fans of "might-through-magic" should rather keep in mind. Well, if your project is to get some flowers from Himalayas, that is all right to fly/zoom there. Or, for reporting how Washington gathered people, that is all right to travel in time, to see that yourself. But lobbying the jury, is stupid -- and evil.

big fight, for keeping right

I may list a few suggestions, for people who have read or watched adventures, of Harry Potter (HP), or the (TV series) Power Rangers Mystic Force (PRMF).

I have not read/watched the Harry Potter series, but that is a popular (news) thing. I see PRMF when my (2004-born) nephew watches that.

Both HP & PRMF, are good figures, who fight against evil. That is all right, if that is all of what you would pack for yourself from those series. But if you would think applying the specific spells, that may be (emphatically) useless.

Interestingly though, true spells are known. For example, the Islamic spells (from the Quran & hadiths), for burning the evil genies (the exorcism), and for blocking out magic. Such spells/praying supplement a fine-principled living.

The (evil) genies (try to) intrude privacies, if unstopped. The satan is one such.

A type of stealthy evil, trying to pull the world into chaos, through mental-suggestions. People think "they have felt" the evil wish to commit some offense, but the evil groups inflict such evil thoughts. Kids are the victims, in many cases.

At that point, I think, the HP & PRMF fame, is priming the kids/teens, the fans (of spells), as the natural fighting masters, as well as for a practical self-defense.

All of this, makes mid80.net almost a kids/teens portal.

First, when publishing frozen@mid80, I had thought children, as the prime category for informing, in the field of formal-nets of mid80.

To kickstart telling the truth, about the plagiarism of copycat82/83.

That is in the sense of the boy in the story "Emperor's New Clothes."

The HP & PRMF fashion, is supplementing that, for self-defense issues.

The existence of genies is a truth, known since millenia. The modern age electromagnetics (EM) is adding to the list of evil opportunities. The SLP (subliminal perception) phenomena, and gadgets for talking directly to your mind (like neurophone), are surely known. Furthermore, electromagnetic (& scalar-EM) gadgets for synchronizing with the target are widely speculated about.

The gadgets to catch whispering electromagnetic (as well as pressure) waves are in the market, as well as buildable by amateurs. For SEM, though, we may want more. If proprietary detection systems such as that of Frank Golden, that Bearden reports, are gadgetable, kids may want to detect those waves, too.

I know that lots of people think that the kids in the USA, know all of what is entertainment, but not that well in national exam scores. There, we may walk through what interests the kids, to save the world. Why not?

There, the toy-playing kids may supplement their guns & dolls. Gathering toys of electromagnetic-waves detection. (Give no intrusion gadgets.) That is both fun, and education -- as well as, self-defense.

The mixing of entertainment into education, has taken root, thoroughly -- through software, toys, TV series. We may think that for consciousness, and defense, too.

for getting
  a few that you would like not to forget ...

frozen@mid80 is a puzzle-system for mid80 netting.

good vs. bad

As I openly point out, there you see the bad product copycat83 the errorful paper associated with the errorful and plagiarist "Ph.D. thesis," copycat82.

In other cases, if I point to something buyable, that is not for poking -- unless the text surrounding that link openly lists something I find wrong about that product.

In most cases, lots of people may already know (& probably have) the products that I refer to. In that context, they are good for illustrating what I want to explain.

For example, toy trains (or, toy train tracks) -- as I'm relating to how frozen@mid80 modules form a system, both structurally & dynamically.

Having a long-time interest (I recall as far as I was a teen, young geek), I like getting informed (product literature), as well as freeware. I may like to list some links that go well together, next to the content that I publish.

Do Not Donate Here!

Do not buy anything that you do not want yourself, and do not click any link that you are not interested in. I publish freeware -- for free. I do not collect donations.

To click/buy like that, would be wrong feedback to me. I would falsely think that I have (fine-tuned) the right link there. That hurts the true popularity potential.

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