This is a subpage of the CaseStudy: copycat82/83. A Proof of its Plagiarism.

copycat82 plagiarism: L-to-S
to locate tokens in [varieties of] containers

An E-net location, li may contain a single token, at a time. The "control state variables" of copycat82, correspond to E-net locations, as noticeable, in the section "3.2.1. Control state variables" - as part of the model representation.

But the story does not end there. On its page 138 (as part of the analysis with the reachability-test), copycat82 implies two separate types of places:

How would the verifier know them? Which circle in a net-figure, is a place of which type? And, what are the "two types" about?

I infer that, copycat82 imitates Da80 formal structure, as throughout the rest of it, too - although it never cites Da80.

There was a need to explore the two possible interpretations, because of copycat's vagueness, and its lack of examples. The visible-vs.-internal-places idea, turns out to be a very unlikely-alternative, though.

Of Relevance ...

The section 3.2.1 of copycat82 contains lines about two points, relevant to places/locations - although they mainly belong to other sections. Let's investigate ...

What is a "final place" if not at the exit of a [sub]net?

For VD78 subnets, the concept of an idle-place is important. The subnet sees the rest of the network, as that idle place, whereas the rest of the net sees that (well-formed) subnet as a(n ordinary) transition. It is a very simple, yet robust idea.

copycat82, changes the name to "final place," but it is vague, if not faultfull. Yet another pointer to the plagiarism of copycat82 - with an attempted camouflage.

global system structure, Da80, again.

This is referred-to, in the section 3.2.1, too, although another section is about it. See that section, as concerns the copycat82 plagiarism about the system structure. It is about section 3.2.5, where copycat82 imitates the E-net formal structure, and the Da80 reflections about the global versus local views.

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