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frozen@mid80 (software download) is affine for working with Nets of Mid-80

Petri nets, E-nets (Evaluation nets)

I review a few published research papers, too:

There is also the case-study, about copycat82, an Un-Credible Ph.D..

That is, a tail, off to cities.


Media-tangle is for social-networking (w.r.t. informazing), although so far, the software (for Windows) is only a (minimal) web-server. I discuss the data-communications issues, with formal-nets w.r.t. Danthine (1980)

old code

Two of the programming projects that I had written when I was a student, GFS & FD, may exemplify my C style.

For exemplifying a form@fix style of mine, see the Win95/XP .exe, manually.

At the end of that, there is a short discussion why I do not trust digital-signatures a lot. If private-key is not guaranteed to keep private, we need to verify through hard-handshake-chaining (IP-verifying, or walking to the door of the seller/buyer.) If only to inform the sender, the coupling of digital signatures, and verifying-the-path, is enough. The target would include the first message with the reply, and the public key is enough for the returning signature. (But if some man-in-the-middle may want to get information about how that target would respond to that first/private, thn again, the target would have to keep cautious, not telling all, right away.)

Other Documents

Glossary of Terms. In its initial phases, yet.

Ahmed Ferzan/Ferzen R Midyat-Zila (my names)

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