Nets of Mid-80

For the purposes of these Mid-80_xyz pages, we remain in the middle of the year 1980. Let's refer to a research idea, only if it were already published somewhere, by that time.

Time-frozen, at the peak of experimenting

There are many fruitful ideas, here. The 1970s, was the last decade, if not the decade, of the major developments in programming. Little, if any, major idea has been introduced since then. This includes modularity, abstraction methods, structured programming, GUI-and-object-oriented programming, normal forms for databases, concurrent programming, verifying, etc. Therefore, we may discuss most of everything about programming, we would like to. For now, let's review net-formalisms, and software-methodologies.

Some of the ideas might have been popularized a little later, in later months of 1980, or in 1981. For example, object-oriented programming with GUIs had, finally, enjoyed public attention, with a 1981 Byte magazine cover story. This specific example is not a topic for review, yet, but if we would, then we could find the research articles, or presentations, in 1970s.

Nets of mid-1980: Problems, and Answers

Research Problems

The research problems for net formalisms include:

Net Answers

Review Highlights: mid-1980

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