Review: SARA, Mid-80

The SARA software system was a fruit of several Ph.D. studies, both by the authors themselves, and of those other researchers they acknowledge. SARA is a software system, with various tools, and its methodology. Therefore, it is documented, in its manuals, and with some published papers. Here, let's take the public path, to excavate its existence, as it was already there, as of Mid-80. The research papers listed on this page are not necessarily from those times, but even with the later papers, let's filter and take only the Mid-80 content.

Zoom from 1986 to Mid-80

Here is an overview of SARA, as published in 1986:

"SARA (System ARchitects Apprentice): Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation Support for Design of Concurrent Systems"
by Gerald Estrin, Robert S. Fenchel, Rami R. Razouk, and Mary K. Vernon
in IEEE Trans. on Soft. Eng., vol.SE-12, February 1986, pp.293-311

SARA, Mid-80

With SARA SL, a modeler may model with modules.

Next, if the need is to verify exhaustively, the verifier, SARA CFA, must first form the net together (with macro-expansion, of every SARA SL module), and next, it may reduce them, with the SARA/UCLA strong-reduction algorithm (heuristics).

This contrasts with the verify-and-store strategy of VD78, for modularity.

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